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RhiBo Bonded Internet

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BONDED INTERNET and Software Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) offer business subscribers a way to seamlessly combine multiple Internet service providers into one, secure their data communication, and/or implement site-to-site Layer 3 networking without the cost of MPLS or dedicated services.

By “bonding” multiple Internet service providers, businesses get increased speed, reduced latency, redundancy, encrypted multi-site security and a single point of public routing.

Ultimately, you get the benefits of a carrier service level agreement, without the cost!

Stacked Bandwidth

Stack multiple Internet connections (legs) to aggregate bandwidth. Great up to ~1 Gbps.

Diverse Aggregation

Compatible with Internet technologies including: Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), xDSL, Cable, 4G/5G, Fibre and more.

Internet WAN

Single, consistent, public routes facing customer networks provide a simple, always routed service, regardless of ISP.

Private WAN

Multi-site customers can leverage the Interet without risking security to create Layer 3 distributed networks.


How it works...

A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), RhiBo Bonded Internet offers commercial businesses opportunities for cost effective access to high reliability Internet, advanced multi-site networking and Service Level Agreements.

Customers connect two or more Internet services using one or more technology types to a bonding appliance provided by RhiCom at their premise(s). Acting as an onsite gateway, the bonder will: monitor, aggregate, and route Internet and private data connections.

The architecture creates an amazing opportunity for multi-site organisations to utilise Private Wide Area Network (P-WAN) principals.

All customers have access to all features for the same low cost: aggregation, public routing, private layer 3 routing, security, and more.

Call us! RhiCom's Kamloops sales team will prepare a custom presentation unique to your business and industry. Our sales engineers will confidently answer your questions and support your service delivery.

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