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ETTx/FTTx Internet

Copper or Fiber Ethernet to the premise services 

Ethernet Internet & Data Service

RhiCom has installed copper and fiber Ethernet services in some select commercial and residential buildings for short and long term subscribers.

235 - 1st Ave, Kamloops

Our flagship ETTx/FTTx commercial network

10G - Massive Speed

Unique Internet capacity with service speeds up to
10 Gbps on-net.

SLA - Service Level Agreement

Managed, monitored, and supported - RhiCom offers Service Level Agreements for commercial customers.


Cross-Connect Central

NNIs to national networks and international data centres.

Commercial Real Estate

Nine floors of commercial real estate over 11 stories in downtown Kamloops. The perfect building for high tech business.

150 Victoria, Kamloops

Our home ETTx/FTTx commercial network

Doing Business - FAST

1+ Gbps Internet services available. Custom data services available to fit your unique business.

Our Home Building

Support is just a few steps away. RhiCom's head office is located on the first floor of the building.


Quick Service Delivery

Most suites in 150 Victoria are already cabled to our network. Service delivery can be completed in less than 7 days.


We've got the coffee on.

Mountain View, Blue River

Copper Ethernet to the Suite for short term staff housing

Short Term Service

Special pricing and services available for the duration of your employment contract.

WiFi - Be In Control

Choose and connect your own router to your dedicated Internet. Control what devices have access.


Dedicated Network Port

Need more than free resort WiFi? RhiCom offers dedicated Internet.

Calling Home

Use video calling to stay in contact with your friends and family abroad.

Building Owner or Strata?

RhiCom is always looking for oportunities to onboard multi-tenant buildings and developments. We invite property developers, owners, managers and tenants to engage us for your project's long term telecommunications needs.

RhiCom is happy to create custom solutions for your tenants to help improve access, create options and diversity, incentivise tenants and buyers and to reduce tenant turn-around. 


156 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 1Z7


Toll Free: +1 877 994 9599
Local: +1 250 434 8590