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Professional Services

RhiCom offers a variety of professional services from idea conception to service delivery and various stages in between. As a telecommunications provider and Public Utility, RhiCom has extensive experience in the operational and technical objectives of communication networks.

The Plan

Working from a business plan, product plan, or project plan, RhiCom can assist clients with operational and technical insight. Where a plan hasn't been developed yet, RhiCom's team of professionals can help create one suitable for management approval, board approval, grant applications, and organisational guidance.


Using "The Plan" as a guide, RhiCom assists clients with with network design (transport, distribution, mobility, etc), logic design, data handling, operational processes, and rollout. 

Project Development

Moving an architected network into a deliverable project requires management, controls, quality assurance and a team of experienced resources. RhiCom helps clients manage and construct their infrastructure from start to finish.

Documentation & Training

Technical and project documentation is key to the long term success of any project development. Having well documented drawings and clearly written manuals ensure knowledge transfer. Not only does RhiCom deliver documentation, RhiCom offers custom tailored training to employees and contractors.


After a project is built and the operation of solution has been handed over to house teams, RhiCom is still available to provide ongoing technical support, training, updates to technologies, and operational audits.

Where clients don't have field teams, RhiCom offers Field Services and Remote Hands.


156 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC V2C 1Z7


Toll Free: +1 877 994 9599
Local: +1 250 434 8590