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Service Support

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Support Hours (non SLA services)
Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
Closed weekends & holidays (BC)

Voicemail and e-mail support offered for after-hours outages with a target response time of 12 hours.

Frequenty Asked Questions

As a premium service, commercial subscribers who have entered into a Service Schedule with a Service Level & Commit Agreement (SLA) can contact us using the described emeregency contact process in your documentation. If you require a copy of this for your technical team, please reach out to us by e-mail or contact your account manager.

Our network is heavily monitored with a variety of alerts issued to our team when something goes wrong (as simple as a power bump or as complex as an incorrectly connected subscriber router). That said, we are often actively aware of major network issues in real time and typically respond within minutes.

However, we do not monitor end subscriber equipment in the same way we monitor our network. This is because of the dynamic environment our subscribers live and work - some travel and turn off the power when away, some properties are on solar systems which conserve battery capacity at night, and some use our services in conjunction with other technologies.

When troubleshooting on your own, we first recommend always connecting your computer directly to the power injector's (PoE) LAN port or to your media converter or wall jack's RJ45 connector (if an ETTx or FTTx customer). When physically connected to our demarcation point, your computer's WiFi should be disabled. Restart your computer and check your Internet connection again.

If it works, there is likely something wrong with your router and we recommend reviewing the manufacturer's manual for troubleshooting tips. If it doesn't work, give us a call and we can quickly determine where the problem lies and provide advise for a solution.

No. Typically not. Our advertised services are charged equally to residential and business subscribers; howerver, businesses have access to additional plans, service types and a selection of add-ons and upgrades catered to unique industries and requirements.

Our one time installation fee is usually higher for businesses where we cannot mount our FWA equipment to an exterior wall within 15 metres of the demarcation point. Additionally, subsidised installations are not available to businesses. A quote will be provided prior to entering a service order. 

For business customers, we encourage you to reach out to us with your particular needs and an account manager will be assigned to your organisation. 

The installation fee includes travel, labour and materials (fasteners, mounts, terminators, etc). RhiCom always retains ownership of CPE hardware and it is the subscriber's responsibility to return CPE hardware at the end of a service term.

Yes and no. In simple terms, a router is used to perform a function called Network Address Translation (NAT). NAT allows a home or private network (WiFi and Ethernet connected devices) to be identified to an Internet service provider (RhiCom) as a single device. 

Therefore, if you wish to have a home WiFi network or use more than one Internet connected device, you will need a router.

Some xDSL modem/routers are compatible with our service IF they have a dedicated WAN port and the device's funtionality has not be restricted by the previous service provider. Cable modem/routers are typically not compatible with our service.

Ask your sales representative for purchasing suggestions.

RhiCom's distribution network is wholly owned. We do not rely on third party service providers to resell their products as our own. Our coverage area and capability is limited to our existing infrastructure.

However, RhiCom loves a good challenge and we love when communities come together. We are always happy to explore expansion feasibility where there are consentrated groups of homes and businesses who are underserved or not served at all.

We maintain a plot database which is used to collect service requests and map them so that we can easily and visually identify where we need to expand our network next. This tool is really helpful to us, and we encourage you to contact our office to have your address added to the database.

If you choose to add your address to the database, we won't contact you again until we have enough interest in the community to begin a feasibility study. 

Our twitter feed @rhicomnetstatus is our public broadcast for network outages and planned network maintenance with expected outages greater than 10 minutes between 6.00 and 3.00 am.


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Toll Free: +1 877 994 9599
Local: +1 250 434 8590