Bonded Internet

RhiBo Bonded Internet for Your Business

Bonded Internet offers business subscribers a way to seamlessly combine multiple Internet service providers into one. By combining or “bonding” service providers, subscribers get increased speed, excellent reliability, redundancy, and a single point of routing which is provider independent.

Now you can get the reliability benefits of a service level agreement, without the cost!

The RhiBo Bonder is compatible with many types of Internet technologies including: Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), xDSL, Cable, 3G/4G, and Fibre. A RhiCom Sales Engineer will recommend an appropriately sized bonder specific to subscriber throughput requirements. Throughput can range from very little to 400+ Mbps.

The RhiBo Bonder includes advanced features such as optional compression (up to 5 times), QoS prioritisation, and optional scalability.

Benefits of RhiBo Bonded Internet


Connect Multiple Locations

Easily create secure, multi-site networking.


Maintained Public IP Routes

Connect diverse Internet connections to ensure continuous routes.

RhiBo Bonded Internet for Your Business

Keep your business divisions connected and ensure the reliability of your network with RhiBo Bonded Internet Plans.  To find out more about our service view our coverage map.

RhiCom will provide an appropriately sized bonding appliance based on your business’ total Internet speed requirements. The bonder rental is included with the first Internet leg.