Managed Business Networks

My Office: Managed Business Network

MyOffice by RhiCom is a great opportunity for small and medium businesses to have standards based commercial networking. Low cost equipment, easy management, and available on and off site support is just the beginning. Tired of fighting with your business network and office WiFi?Not sure how to best implement your network? RhiCom has the perfect solution for you.

MyOffice is a super simple, managed service platform. Purchase or lease the network equipment you need, and RhiCom hosts the management control interface in our core. With a Managed Business Network, tech support can remotely provision changes, perform software upgrades, monitor users and trends, and provide guest network access control.

Once installed, your business technical team has its own user credentials to self manage the equipment anytime and from anywhere. An awesome feature for businesses with multiple locations!

Simplicity for Business

MyOffice is so simple, the average configuration time to setup an office with a Unified Services Gateway, Switch, and WiFi Access Point is less than 30 minutes.  This means you can focus less on your network an more on your business.  Streamline your technology so that you can focus on what you do best.

Option to Lease or Buy

Reduce capital expenditures by leasing your equipment on a two year agreement. Leasing includes full swap out warranty, hosting, and initial setup. After two years, we give you your equipment: pay only for hosting.  Or, buy your equipment and pay only for MyOffice hosted controller service.

Our Managed Network Service is Full of Features:


Routing (Multiple-VLANs)


Multi-SSID Access Points


Central Provisioning


Firewall & Access Control


VoIP QoS Policies


Guest Access Control


VPN (User & Site-to-Site)


POE Switches (24 & 48 VDC)


User Reporting Metrics

Get Started with MyOffice Managed Business Network

Stop worrying about your network needs and focus on your business.  We will make sure that your network enables your business to focus on the day-to-day operations while seamlessly connecting with the right technology.