Mascon by TELUS acquires RhiCom's Wireless Internet Customers

Released: 7 July 2022

As a privately owned and funded Internet service provider, RhiCom Networks has proudly and dutifully delivered Internet access to Interior communities in British Columbia for the last 12 years. Our team has moved earth, climbed mountains, dredged through snow, and fought the challenges of landslides and flooding to keep services available to our rural and suburban neighbours.

We are pleased to share that on 30 June 2022, we reached an agreement with TELUS to acquire RhiCom’s wireless Internet customers as part of their Mascon by TELUS brand. 

RhiCom will retain its on-net/wireline customers and continue to provide Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management (EPCPM) services to our carrier, government, and enterprise clients throughout Canada.

TELUS is well positioned to invest in technology and infrastructure that will enable future services and enhanced reliability for our wireless customers. 

What changes for customers today?

Nothing. RhiCom is here to support you. At this time all services, prices, bills, support hours and contact information remain the same. You do not need to take any action to keep receiving the same great RhiCom Internet services.

What does this change for customers in the future?

As the transition moves along, notifications will be sent by email and post. You can also visit the RhiCom website to keep up to date. If you have any questions, please contact your RhiCom Customer Support Representatives the same as you always have.

Will you continue offering the same products and services you do today?

Our services are not changing at this time. 

New customers can continue to order services in the areas we support.

Will the cost of my services change?

No. For the foreseeable future, all products, services, prices and billing will remain the same. Any updates on service changes will be well advertised.

Will there be any disruption to my services?

As the transition progresses, you will be notified of any changes to your services.

Will the way I contact RhiCom change?

No. For the foreseeable future, customers can continue to reach RhiCom the same as they do today. Any updates on service changes will be well advertised. For general inquiries and support, please call 877 994 9599 or submit a trouble ticket by email.

Can I still upgrade or make changes to my RhiCom services?

Yes. You can always upgrade your current services, subscribe to new services and make changes to your account by contacting RhiCom.

When will I have to switch to a TELUS service?

As the transition progresses, you will be notified of any changes to your services.

Where can I learn about what services TELUS will offer in my community?

As the transition progresses, updates on any TELUS  product and service availability will be advertised.

How do I get in touch with TELUS if I want to discuss more details of the changes?

Your best point of contact is still your RhiCom Support Team at 877 994 9599 or our web site:

Will TELUS be announcing new acquisitions in BC?

We are not able to comment on any future TELUS plans.