Bright X Internet
Data Centre Colocation
Bright X Internet

Bright X Internet

Available as fibre or gigabit copper at select commercial properties in Kamloops City Centre.
 Bright 100Bright 300Bright 500Bright 1000
$75 /month
$125   /month$175 /month$250   /month
Great for a small office with less than a few employees or a transactional retail/restaurant business.

75 Mbps Download
75 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Usage
Better for bigger offices with more than four employees. Works well with VPN and remote connectivity.

300 Mbps Download
300 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Usage

Great all around value. Supports remote connectivity and streaming requirements.

500 Mbps Download
500 Mbps Upload
Unlimited Usage
 Suitable for larger organizations. Great for remote connectivity, nightly backups, live streaming and self hosted servers.

1 Gbps Download
1 Gbps Upload
Unlimited Usage
/30 static IP block

Also available
Bright 25 for point of sale. 25x25 Mbps @ $35 per month with unlimited fair usage.

Additional custom speeds up to 10 Gbps as well as multi-carrier cross-connects are available. 

Bright X is available to tenants at 150 Victoria Street and 235 1st Avenue.

†Conditions apply.

Why Choose RhiCom's Bright X?

Local Business

RhiCom is a Kamloops owned business and enthusiastically supports other local businesses by purchasing equipment, materials and services while sharing our experiences with others through referrals.


RhiCom has been an Internet service provider since 2011 and has an industry foundation dating back to the 1950s. We peer with top tier carriers and build reasonable redundancy.


Our network is monitored 24/7 by a powerful suite of software. Technicians are notified of problems by e-mail and text often before customers experience them.

Great Terms, Standard Ts&Cs

Optional service terms offer great flexibility. 


RhiCom's Software Defined Wide Area Networking solution provides customers with multi-source redundant Internet access and optional private layer three encrypted network services over the public Internet. Our solution is well suited for organizations with multiple business locations, businesses who operate servers in-house or in the cloud, and mission critical organizations such as public utilities. 

This affordable technology can easily replace MPLS/VPLS services in many use applications and can be fed from nearly any single or multiple Internet connection types. 

RhiCom has used this technology to deliver Internet services to remote locations where we were able to provide our own Public IP addresses to subscribers and monitor and control community network from within our existing private IP network. 

Data Centre Colocation

New Q1-2024: RhiCom is pleased to announce the launch of its micro data centre located in Kamloops, BC. This new, small footprint data colocation space is perfect for small and emerging companies looking for a seismically stable location with convenient transportation access and plenty of network capacity and options.

DataCentre One

Full or Half Cabinet options

Single Rack Unit (RU) options

Inverted and/or Protected Power (120 VAC)

DC Power available (-48 VDC)

Dual Head Air Conditioning

RhiCom Internet Access (dual carrier transit with spatially separated dual core)

Available cross-connects (most carriers available - ask for complete list)

One 3-Cabinet Suite Available